Have a question? It's probably answered here. If not, please email us at concierge@alterclubs.com and we'll get you an answer!

What is the cancellation policy?

Because we reserve capacity for your coaching, we require 30 days notice BEFORE your NEXT billing date in order to cancel. We do not pro-rate cancellations. For example, if your billing date is the February 1, you must notify us BEFORE the 1st in order for your cancellation to be effective at the end of February. If you notify us any time after February 1, your membership will be canceled on the last day of March.

What is the guest policy?

We allow members to bring guests to join them during a 1:1 session for $100.

Can I bring my dog/cat/horse/pig/bird?

No. Health code. The only animals allowed are specially trained service animals who perform an essential function.

Emotional support animals are specifically not allowed.

Can I train my clients there?
How crowded does it get?

We have intentionally limited our membership at Alter. It doesn't get crowded.

Where can I find parking?

Validated parking is available for members at the lot on Melrose Alley. Annoyingly, the lot is literally named "8495 Melrose Avenue Parking" despite the fact that it isn't actually on Melrose Avenue, but rather on Melrose Alley, which is in between Melrose Avenue and Melrose Place off of La Cienega. (Seriously. Way too many Melroses.) Use the Google Maps link above or call us if you need help.

Please note that Melrose is currently under construction so street parking is tough, and our parking lot can be tricky to find, so on your first visit, take an Uber!

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