Independent Training

We welcome professional, responsible Independent Trainers who share our focus on community, consciously adhere to our rules, and align with our company values. We offer free One-Week Trials so you can come in, try the gym out, bring your clients, and see what they think.

We have solutions ranging from individual drop-in sessions to discounted session packages to unlimited training memberships.

Note that Alter is not for everyone. We don't compete on price. We require that everyone in our community adhere to our rules, keep the gym clean and tidy, consciously align with our values, and treat our space and our members with kindness, dignity, and respect. If your eyes just glazed over reading all that, there are likely better solutions for you besides Alter. Conversely, if you liked how that sounds, we'd love to have you!

Fill out the form below and Nathan Hess, our Director of Independent Training, will get back to you very quickly to schedule a tour and get you set up with your Free Trial!

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