About Alter

What is this wondrous thing I've discovered?

Alter isn’t just a gym. (True, we have a gym. We also have a Dyson. We’re not a vacuum cleaner, either).

Alter is a bespoke, transformative coaching and management program. Tell us your dreams — a six-pack, a breakthrough in your career, incredible relationships with your family and friends, new eating habits, whatever— and we'll craft a bespoke program that will turn your dreams into reality.

We start with your story. What is the conversation you are having with yourself? How does that serve you — or not? Who do you want to be? What is holding you back from being that person? Why?

Then we start writing a new story, together. We put together an actionable plan to turn you into a high-performing human, add in all of the professional services you need, hold you accountable for your commitments to yourself, introduce you to other members of our community, and watch your progress and fulfillment soar.

It's time to write a new story, and bring it to life at Alter.

In strength,
Nick, JT, and the rest of the Alter team

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