Nick Hodulik

CEO + Coach

Nick is an athlete, serial entrepreneur, executive coach, certified personal trainer, designer, software engineer, investor, and polymath.

Nick launched his first startup at age 15 and proceeded to work at and found a variety of others. Most of them failed. One of them, General Things (GT), a software and design consultancy, succeeded. GT served clients like Nike, NatGeo, Cisco, SETI, TED, and GoPro.

GoPro considered GT – and Nick – irresistible, and in 2013 Nick sold GT to GoPro, where he then served as VP of Software and Services. GoPro went public shortly thereafter. Fun times!

After GoPro, Nick and his husband and business partner Jonathan “JT” Taylor switched their focus to a variety of fitness and healthy food startups, testing a whole bunch of business models.

The result is Alter.

Nick is also a bodybuilder; an encyclopedia of random, non-sports-related facts; a voracious listener, reader, and eater; an avid fermenter and chef; and a lover of all humor, high and low. He lives in Hollywood with JT and their dog Madame Wu.

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