Madeline Berkey

Coach + Specialty Trainer

Maddie Berky never expected to become a fitness professional. As a child, she preferred reading to sports and found balls terrifying. However, Maddie's unique combination of honesty, curiosity, and compassion suited her well for coaching. She connects easily with both beginners and experienced athletes.

Today, Maddie works as a writer, speaker, and coach in the fitness industry. She inspires others to explore movement and embrace their bodies. Maddie began rowing in high school, which helped anchor her during struggles with depression and an eating disorder. She realized that movement could help people appreciate their bodies and take up space in the world. This led Maddie to become a four-time NCAA Division 3 rowing national champion. She then transitioned into coaching.

Over the past decade, Maddie has coached spin, boot camp, rowing, and CrossFit classes. With multiple certifications, including CrossFit Level 1 and 2 and mobility coaching, she has successfully competed and won the 2014 Southwest CrossFit Regional Team Athlete title. To further help her clients, Maddie became a Certified Nutrition Consultant. Her goal is to help people improve their relationships with food and their bodies.

When depression made high-intensity exercise difficult, Maddie discovered Animal Flow. It guided her back to movement at her own pace. Now a Master Instructor, Maddie uses Animal Flow to train herself and empower others. She says, "There's nothing I enjoy more than getting a group together and achieving the unexpected through movement."

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