Aurora Brown Sanders


After growing up dancing, my middle school ballet teacher told me I was too muscular to be a dancer. As an attempt to embrace my strength, I turned to sports where I had a similarly disappointing experience with a swim coach. Yearning for an outlet to continue moving my body, my fitness journey began in high school when I turned to the gym and for the first time found a safe haven where my strength was embraced and celebrated. From dance to weightlifting, I’ve always loved the many expressions of human movement, which directly feeds into my teaching methodologies—keeping classes dynamic, diverse, and most of all fun. With a degree in kinesiology and a personal training certification from NASM, science is at the forefront of my fitness approach. But I promise to always bring the fun as well! To me awakening the inner athlete means using exercise to find the connection between physical strength and inner strength. How can we use human movement to make us stronger from the inside out?

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