Cosmetic Surgery Recovery

The surgery was the "easy" part

We handle your recovery so you (and everyone else) can enjoy the new you!

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Undergoing plastic surgery is a transformative experience. Whether you're opting for liposuction, a Brazilian butt lift, a tummy tuck, facial surgery, or something else, Alter is here to support your journey to becoming the best version of yourself, both inside and out.

Our integrated approach to post-surgical recovery, which includes mindset coaching, fitness coaching, nutrition coaching, and regeneration modalities, is designed to help you achieve optimal results from your surgery and recover from it as quickly as possible — so you can go out and enjoy the new you!

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Integration + Collaboration

We start by collaborating with your doctor to get a download of your recommended post-surgery recovery instructions, and then put together a plan and a team that seamlessly integrates all aspects of your recovery journey. We stay in touch with your doctor throughout your recovery, and keep them apprised of any updates.

You just show up, and we handle everything else: fitness, mindset, nutrition, regeneration, and community.

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Mindset Coaching

Successful recovery is not just about physical healing but also about mental resilience. Our professional mindset coaches work closely with you to unlock your full potential and develop a positive outlook towards your transformation. By addressing any emotional challenges you may face, we empower you to embrace your new self with confidence.

Personal Training

Our expert trainers craft a custom fitness program tailored to your unique post-surgical needs. We coordinate closely with your cosmetic surgeon to ensure that your fitness routine aligns with your surgical recovery. For instance, after a Brazilian butt lift, we may focus on exercises that strengthen your core and lower body while avoiding activities that could compromise your results.

Nutrition Plans + Coaching

Healing from surgery requires nourishment, and that's where our nutrition coaches come in. We develop delicious, customized nutrition plans that complement your fitness activities and recovery goals. For example, after liposuction, we may adjust your diet to support increased or decreased physical activity levels, ensuring that you receive the nutrients needed to heal and maintain your new figure.

Recovery + Regeneration

Surgery can take a toll on your body, and we're here to help you bounce back. Our expert team offers physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage services to restore function, alleviate discomfort, and prevent future injuries. If you've undergone a tummy tuck, we might integrate physical therapy to improve your mobility and complement your fitness routine.

Open Gym

A stunning outdoor rooftop gym with views of the Hollywood Hills? Don’t mind if I do. We also have a 24/7 indoor gym if 72º and sunny isn’t your thing.

Group Fitness

To torch fat, increase your cardiac health, improve your mobility, and calm your mind, you need Group Fitness. Supportive and friendly competition, short breaks, long flows, and zero opportunity to chat with your trainer combine to deliver maximum results in the shortest time.

Accountability + Tracking

Taking ownership of your choices — and life — is empowering and fulfilling, even if it's not always easy. Our team helps you build the skills and habits necessary to hold yourself accountable. We measure what matters for you, and then stand by your side and help you be accountable to the most important person — yourself.


Intimidated? Worried you don’t measure up? Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. Our OnRamp process eases you in to every aspect of Alter.


Don't take it from us — here's what our clients have to say.

I love Alter. The staff is uniformly energetic, motivated, courteous, and competent. My favorite aspect, the bold architecture, is a fitting expression of the huge ambitions of both members and the team behind Alter alike. I offer my sincerest congratulations to the team behind Alter, you have an amazing vision and you truly bring it to life every day with brilliant staff and instructors.


If you don’t know about, it learn about it. I’m somewhat torn to share because I love that it’s a little secret hideaway to get your body, mind, and spirit all in order. Arrived at the conclusion it’s too good to keep all to myself. This is hands down my favorite gym of ALL time. Big love to all the Alter Team.

Yonta T

I owe no small part of my success to Nick's unwavering support and coaching. I have seen my increasing wellbeing and rate of personal growth accelerate massively and enjoy the humor and empathy that he brings to our work together. It had been a challenging finding a coach that could be a truly holistic practitioner, helping me my entire spectrum of objectives from the professional to the more private. Through working with Nick I was able to create actionable plans, remove blockers, and begin to make massive progress.

Alex H

This luxury experience is unlike anything that I’ve seen in LA. The team is carefully selected and are some of the most pleasant, beautiful people around. I particularly like the Animal Flow class. It’s an incredible body movement and mindful practice that challenges, invigorates and opens up the body in the most satisfying ways. Seriously, don’t sleep on Alter!

Gerry H

Nick has the unique ability to push, prod, and question until you have really gotten to the heart of whatever issues you might be facing. From that point, real change is possible.

Luke H

Outside of this gym offering top-notch, sparkling clean amenities and equipment, the customer service is incredible. The workout was AMAZING, so much so that we pushed our limits further than we have in a long time. We are newer to the gym scene so we weren’t sure what to expect. Elle and Jamel were beyond polite, courteous, and helpful. They made sure we didn’t feel awkward and that we had ANYTHING we needed.


Nick holds you accountable as you chart your path, including homework that helps reinforce ideas into tangible manifestations. This symbiotic style of coaching helps me continue to achieve and carve out new paths that bring me happiness and fulfillment.

Tilke H

If you’re looking for a club that checks all of the boxes look no further than Alter. They have top-notch equipment, luxury amenities including Malin + Goetz, and eucalyptus chilled towels, among other things. At other clubs, you can have all the nice touches and finishes, but without a welcoming staff those things can only go so far. The rooftop is remarkable with unparalleled views of Los Angeles. I give this place 5 out of 5 stars.


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