24/7 Indoor Basement Gym

Our indoor gym is open 24/7/365 and has all of the equipment you could possibly want. We use sophisticated technology including phone readers and smart camera systems to ensure security during hours when it isn't staffed. It's a perfect compliment to our outdoor Rooftop Outdoor Sky Gym and Group Fitness Studio.

Work odd hours? We have a special discounted membership rate for people who come in 8PM-5AM M-F and weekends 2:30PM - 5AM.



The 24/7 Indoor Basement Gym and Rooftop Outdoor Sky Gym share roughly 80% similar equipment; they more or less mirror one another, with some notable exceptions (electric cardio machines, specifically, are not available in the Sky Gym).

Custom-built three-station squat/bench/deadlift rig
Elliptical, stair stepper, and treadmill cardio machines
Dumbbells up to 100lbs
Fixed barbells up to 110lbs
Freemotion and fixed-style cable machines
Preacher curl bench
No 35lb plates anywhere. IYKYK. Reduces clutter and keeps gym racks tidy.
Leg Extension Machine
Lying Leg Curl Machine
Incline, Flat, Decline Bench
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